Small palettes…

Water colour palette with 12 colours and swatch
Fome water colour palette with 12 pans

Let’s be honest, the last thing I desperately need is additional paint. But (dangerous word, that) I wanted a carryable palette with some Danial Smith colours like the ones I have for Sennelier and Schmincke. The one carried by default is the Sennelier one.

There are some basic colours in here. There are a couple of extras on the blue/green front, and the Daniel Smith wisteria which I have notions of painting mountains. It’s an idea.

I love the little baby palettes. Where you find them prefilled, they usually have 8 pans in then. With a little effort, you can get another 4 down the middle. All of mine wind up with a Quinacridone Gold in there and this time, it’s got a burnt orange next to it. Most important is that I can mix some sort of warmish grey in addition to the Paynes grey which is generally in all my palettes as well.